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Case Results

Case Results in Texas Criminal Defense Cases for Brent Mayr

Board Certified Criminal Defense Attorney Brent Mayr is committed to obtaining the best possible result for his clients.  Pleading guilty is always the very last option.

Here are some examples of those results.  Each case is different and there are no promises or guarantee as to the result of each individual case.


Possession of a Controlled SubstanceNo charges filed
Burglary of a Motor VehicleDismissed
Aggravated RobberyDismissed
Minor in PossessionDismissed
Evading Arrest in a Motor VehicleDismissed
Possession of MarijuanaDismissed
DWI (.13 breath test)Dismissed at first court setting
Felony TheftDismissed
Intoxication ManslaughterNo charges filed
Solicitation of ProstitutionDismissed (day of trial)
Possession of MarijuanaDismissed
Felony DWIReduced to misdemeanor probation
DWI (asleep at the wheel)Dismissed
DWI (.10 breath test)Dismissed
DWIDismissed (day before trial)
Assault on a Peace Officer (felony)Reduced to Class C misd.
DWI (marijuana)Dismissed
Assault-Family MemberDismissed
DWIDismissed (day before trial)
Possession of a Controlled Substance (Cocaine)Dismissed
DWI 2ndDismissed
DWI 3rdDismissed
Failure to Stop and Render AidDismissed
Assault – Family Member (felony)Dismissed
Criminal TrespassAcquitted – NOT GUILTY
Criminal Mischief (felony)No billed by grand jury – no charges filed
Criminal Mischief (misd.)Charges refused by DA
Conspiracy to Commit Wire Fraud (federal)Probation
Boating While IntoxicatedDismissed
Failure to IdentifyDismissed
Failure to Stop and Give Info.Dismissed
DWI (.20 blood test)Dismissed
DWI 2ndDismissed
Poss. of MarijuanaDismissed
DWI/Unlawful Carrying of a WeaponDismissed
DWI 2ndDismissed
DWI (.21 blood test)Dismissed
Writ of Habeas Corpus – Poss. of MarijuanaRelief granted – plea of guilty vacated
Poss. of MarijuanaDismissed
Poss. of Fictitious IDDismissed
Terroristic ThreatDismissed
Failure to Stop and Give InfoDismissed
Unlawful Carrying of a Weapon/Poss. of a Dangerous DrugDismissed
DWI (accident)Dismissed
DWI (.14 blood test)Dismissed
Intoxication AssaultReduced to misdemeanor DWI
Possession of a Controlled SubstanceDismissed
Interference with a 911 callDismissed
Possession of MarijuanaDismissed
Conspiracy to Commit Money LaunderingAcquitted – Not Guilty
DWI (.10 blood test)Dismissed
Writ of Habeas CorpusGranted
Assault – Family MemberDismissed
Writ of Habeas CorpusGranted
Intoxication ManslaughterAcquitted – found guilty only of DWI (misdemeanor)
Possession of a Controlled SubstanceAcquitted – Not Guilty
Assault Family MemberDismissed
DWI (.12 blood test)Acquitted – Not Guilty
Possession of Gambling DeviceDismissed
Felony DWI (8th DWI)Probation
Int w Duties of Pub ServDismissed
DWI (.10 blood test)Acquitted – Not Guilty
Sexual Assault of a ChildDismissed
Evading Arrest – Motor VehicleNo Bill by Grand Jury – Dismissed
Possession of MarijuanaDismissed
Credit Card AbuseDismissed
Delivery of a Controlled SubstanceDismissed
Vehicular ManslaughterNo Bill by Grand Jury – Dismissed
Criminal MischiefDismissed
Criminal TrespassNolle
Criminally Negligent HomicideAcquitted – Not Guilty