What is Manslaughter in Texas?

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When a person’s actions go beyond criminal negligence and are considered “reckless,” and those acts result in a person’s death, a person can find themselves arrested for Manslaughter in Texas.  Manslaughter is the act of recklessly causing the death of another.  Whether it’s a simple accident involving a firearm or a fist-fight gone too far, a person can find themselves charged with Manslaughter.  In the context of a motor vehicle accident, it all comes down to whether you are suspected of reckless driving and there is no clear line about what is and is not “reckless.”  What is clear is that law enforcement is going to try to discover as many negligent acts to “bump” the charges up as high as possible.  If they are able to do so, you could find yourself charged with Vehicular Manslaughter.

Prison Sentence for Manslaughter in Texas | Harris County | Fort Bend

Manslaughter – whether it is Vehicular Manslaughter or regular Manslaughter – is a second degree felony meaning the possible punishment is anywhere from 2 to 20 years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine.  Like with Criminally Negligent Homicide, prosecutors will allege that the car or truck the person was driving was a “deadly weapon” making it where, if convicted and sentenced to prison, the person will spend more time in prison before becoming eligible for parole.  Likewise, it prohibits a judge from giving the person probation.

Manslaughter Criminal Defense for Manslaughter Charges in Harris and Montgomery Counties

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