Ask any lawyer who practices federal criminal defense and they will tell you there is nothing more rare than a dismissal of criminal charges in federal court. Brent Mayr, however, earned one of these rare dismissals for a client charged with none other than Medicare Fraud.

Medicare Fraud cases are some of the most aggressively prosecuted cases in federal court. Investigations take years. Investigators and prosecutors working together on a variety of task forces compile volumes of evidence from records and witnesses to build airtight cases against multiple conspirators. Prison sentences easily range from 10 to 20 years or even more in some cases.

One of Brent Mayr’s clients found themselves arrested and charged with other family members after one of these extensive investigations. While the evidence established that the other family members were criminally responsible for millions of dollars in losses, Brent Mayr stood firm by his client who maintained their innocence. While the Government maintained that they had a “rock solid” case based on numerous records with his client’s signature, Brent Mayr sifted through the volumes of records and was able to establish that the client’s family members had forged their signature to almost every one of them. Working together with a team of investigators and experts, Brent Mayr slowly and firmly worked with prosecutors to convince them of his client’s innocence. Ultimately, the prosecutors agreed to dismiss the charges against the client after completing a pretrial diversion agreement, a non-judicial resolution where the client completed community service and training courses prior to the dismissal of the charges. With the dismissal, the client was able to maintain their medical professional license and continue working in the field.

Because these investigations take years, the moment you or a loved one even suspect that you are being investigated by federal officials, it is imperative that you seek legal counsel to protect your rights and help avoid criminal charges. Whether you are the target of an investigation or have already been charged after one, Brent Mayr and the lawyers of Mayr Law, P.C. are available to represent you or your loved one and fight to obtain the best possible outcome.