When a client found himself accused of murder in Montgomery County, he turned to Brent Mayr to defend him. With a thorough investigation and a compelling presentation, Brent Mayr was able to convince a grand jury that the client was justified in using self-defense resulting in a decision to not return an indictment and the dismissal of all charges against the client.

The client had been at his apartment complex with friends when they were confronted by a former acquaintance. The confrontation turned violent and the acquaintance went on the offensive trying to fight the client and others that were there. The client retreated to his apartment but the acquaintance followed him there and tried to kick the door in. Worried that the acquaintance would force entry and do harm to him, the client grabbed a knife and opened the door, hoping to scare him. However, when the acquaintance charged in, the client stabbed him with a knife, killing him.

Scared and frightened of what had just occurred, the client fled the scene and reached out to Brent Mayr for immediate help. Brent Mayr was there to answer the late-night call and immediately went to work with his team of investigators to gather up evidence and learn as much as possible. By the next day, Brent Mayr was in contact with Homicide detectives working to surrender his client and allow him to give his side of the story. Although the client was charged by complaint, Brent Mayr convinced prosecutors to allow him to present a packet of information to the grand jury demonstrating how the incident was a clear case of self-defense.

After the grand jurors met in secret, considered Brent Mayr’s presentation, and heard from witnesses, the grand jurors voted to return a “no bill,” meaning there was no indictment. Prosecutors subsequently dismissed the charge.

The entire ordeal disrupted the client’s life causing him to lose his job and having to move from his home. However, none of that compared to the fear of being charged and convicted of murder. In Texas, a person charged with murder is not eligible for probation and faces a minimum of 5 years in prison and a maximum on life and a $10,000 fine. By putting his faith in Brent Mayr, the client got the best possible defense that he could and the result proved it. Eventually, the client was able to move on with his life with a fresh start, able to put the entire tragic ordeal behind him.

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