A Felony is one of the most serious types of criminal offense that an individual can commit.  Because felonies constitute crimes of “high seriousness,” the penalties for any degree of felony are severe, including prison, heavy fines, life-sentences and even death penalties (in certain states). Any individual may be convicted of a felony if the court proves beyond reasonable doubt that the individual has committed any of the following:

·    Sexual offenses (rape, prostitution, etc.)
·    Child molestation and pornography
·    Assault
·    Theft
·    Robbery
·    Various forms of Fraud
·    Vandalism on federal property
·    Kidnapping
·    Drug offenses (possession with intent to distribute, sale, manufacture, distribution)

Felony Defense Attorney Houston Texas | The Woodlands TX

If you are being investigated for or are facing charges for any degree of felony, your liberty and life are at risk, which is why you need effective and knowledgeable legal representation.  Brent Mayr is a Board Certified Texas Criminal Defense Attorney, Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.  Brent Mayr will aggressively fight to protect your rights from federal repercussions, using his years of experience as a former prosecutor and his unmatched knowledge in the field.   Call Brent Mayr today at our Houston, Texas office (713) 808-9613 or contact us online.

Common  Felonies in Texas

Although a felony may take different forms, such as the distinct criminal offenses listed above; three of the most common are Assault, Theft, and Robbery.

·         Assault: Although the definition and penalization for assault varies by state, the state of Texas considers assault any offense that meets the following criteria: 1) Intentionally causes bodily injury, 2) intentionally threates someone with imminent injury, 3) intentionally causes physical contact when the offender knows that the victim will regard contact as offensive or provocative. Individuals facing assault charges will face a more severe penalty if they have committed the assault with a weapon (aggravated assault).  Aggravated assault can become a first-degree felony, with a penalty of up to life imprisonment.

·         Theft:  This offense constitutes taking another’s property without their consent and with no use of violence either by deception or by physically stealing it. Types of theft under Texas Law include shoplifting, general theft, buying or accepting stolen property, and bounced checks, amongst others.  The punishment for theft charges will vary depending on the value of the item stolen: The greater the value, the higher the penalty.  A first degree felony theft, which equals a value of $200,000 stolen, may be punished with up to life imprisonment and a fine of $10,000.

·         Robbery: This offense refers to using force to take another individual’s or entity’s property without their consent.  Robbery differs from theft in that, while theft constitutes taking another’s property without violence, robbery is associated with the seizure of another’s property by force, fear, or intimidation.  For this reason, robbery is considered a violent crime and it is treated more seriously than a felony theft.  Robbery can be charged as a second degree or first degree felony.  When the offense constitutes an aggravated robbery (caused physical injury or death by use of deadly weapons), the criminal may face life imprisonment and the crime shall be treated as felonies of the same degree, such as murder.

Why should I contact Brent Mayr if I am being investigated for a felony?

Because a felony is a serious type of criminal offense, the consequences may be fatal.  Although a felon is at risk of Life Imprisonment and the Death Penalty, the consequences for a felon who has served jail time and is then released are sometimes just as dramatic. Many felons report that their ability to find employment decreases dramatically because companies now perform extensive background checks prior to hiring an employee. In addition, felons are often denied government assistance, are excluded from public housing projects, and are sometimes even denied basic services such as the ability to set up a checking account.  If you are convicted of a felony you will also be subject to heavy fines, probation, sex offender registration, and your professional license (such as those filed for attorneys, doctors, and teachers) may be revoked.
If you are being investigated or are facing charges for a felony, it is imperative to hire the competent and zealous representation that Brent Mayr can provide. Your liberty, career, future, and life are all at risk.

What Board Certified Criminal Defense Attorney Brent Mayr Can Do in a Felony Case

The wealth of knowledge Brent Mayr brings to the table as a former prosecutor and a Board Certified attorney is a great asset that will work in favor of defending your case.  Only an attorney specialized in criminal law, like Brent Mayr, is able to disprove evidence in court, discard evidence gathered against you through illegal searches and seizures, defend your case for lack of intent or lack of knowledge, and eliminate or reduce the charges of a felony, such as having the felony charges reduced to a misdemeanor charge.

If you or a loved one is being investigated for a felony or are facing felony charges, it is in your best interest to seek legal representation immediately.  Do not wait until the court has gathered insurmountable evidence to use against you.  Contact Brent Mayr today to obtain aggressive and knowledgeable representation to protect your rights, your future, and your life.  Call our Houston, Texas office today for a Free Consultation at (713) 808-9613 or contact us online.

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