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Brent Mayr has been recognized as one of the top criminal defense attorneys
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Here are what just a few of my clients have to say about their experience working with my firm. For the sake of privacy related to these individuals and their cases, all posted testimonials are anonymous.

He is very honest and direct. In my experience with attorneys, those traits are very few and far between.

I met with Brent on two separate occasions for free consultation. The first time I met with him was on a SUNDAY! Very convenient. I hired him to represent me in a misdemeanor criminal case. Harris county jail is not a place that I frequent, if you know what I mean. Like many people I made a stupid mistake and was caught red handed. I was in great fear for my job, family, and reputation. Based on the evidence and police report, I didn’t think I had much of a case. I even admitted to the cops that “it was mine”. Brent had my case DISMISSED with in a matter of weeks. Every day before court, Brent called to remind me. He was usually the first attorney in the court room and had me in and out in less than an hour. He answers all of his emails instantly. Usually with in 10 minutes. Any day, any time. Weeks after my case was dismissed I emailed Brent, late one Sunday, to ask him for some other legal counsel regarding my late grandmother’s estate. Considering he’s a defense attorney and doesn’t claim to specialize in probate work, I wasn’t expecting him to know all the answers I needed or for him to even respond promptly. By the time I woke up the next day, he had a 5 paragraph response with all the information I needed. He met with my father and I and studied all the documents we had. Unfortunately, the docs were not in our favor. Either way, we left satisfied and much more knowledgeable. He didn’t feed us a bunch of BS and throw a contract in our face and ask us to hire him. He is very honest and direct. In my experience with attorneys, those traits are very few and far between. Call Brent Mayr TODAY!!

-Anonymous, posted on Brent Mayr’s Google + page.

Mr. Mayr is very attentive, informative, and helpful.

I went with my gut on this one and was extremely pleased. Brent was awesome for me and my DWI case! Mr. Mayr is very attentive, informative, and helpful. If I had a question, or 20, he would gladly inform me of ALL my options (positive or negative), and was extremely realistic. My case was thankfully dismissed! If I need a lawyer in the future (which I better not) or anyone I know asks for a referral, I will tell them to speak with Attorney Brent Mayr.

-Anonymous, posted on Brent Mayr’s Yelp page.

My case ended up getting dismissed thanks to Brent’s unparalleled hard work.

I met with Brent about a DWI I was charged with on July 4th. I was right in front of my apartment complex when I got pulled over. I fully cooperated with the officer and felt I didn’t do anything wrong, considering I was physically as fine as can be. My station video supported this (there was no field video, the officer failed to call another officer to come record my field test). Much to my surprise, I blew a .10 and got arrested. I never thought I would find myself in this situation considering I had never been in trouble before. I don’t even drink that often. Brent listened to my story and got to know me and the kind of person I am. He wanted to fight this case because he believed in me as a person and that this was not something I deserved. He educated me on the DWI process to help me understand what to expect. He also went into great detail about how the breathalyser test works and what the number means and how it can be impacted. His knowledge of the science behind it all is as good, if not better than the experts out there. I was amazed at how prepared and knowledgeable he was about DWIs. My case ended up getting dismissed thanks to Brent’s unparalleled hard work. He was up at 3 am the night before my last court date crunching numbers and further preparing my case, even though he was already prepared. If my case would have went to trial, Brent would have made more money, but he wanted nothing more than to get my case dismissed. He’s honest, hard working, and most importantly, he really cares about his clients and sees them as real people needing help, not opportunities to make money. I have the utmost respect for Brent not only as a lawyer, but as a person. You will not find a better lawyer than Brent.

-Anonymous, posted on Brent Mayr’s Google + page.


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